Our mission at CALA is to enable creators of culture through technology. We want to give individuals and brands the ability to create freely, without barriers or limitations –whether that’s lack of access to infrastructure, working capital, and fulfillment or experience with marketing, launch events or getting your e-commerce site up and running.


That’s why today, we could not be more excited to announce the availability of our online fashion production and collaboration platform.


CALA is an online fashion design, development, and collaboration platform built for creators –giving you the power to bring your ideas to life with the support of a global network of manufacturing partners, marketing resources and financing options.


CALA makes it easy for you to:
  • Design seamlessly. Create designs from templates or upload custom sketch files to kick off your design process.
  • Collaborate contextually. Seamlessly track the progress of your project, view status updates and receive real-time notifications from your design team.
  • Create high quality, quickly. Small batch, quick-turn production across a variety of fashion products from swimwear to leather accessories to cosmetics.
  • Know your costs. Transparent, real-time pricing that scales based on design complexity and number of units.
  • Market your products. Leverage our built-in brand and marketing resources including creative direction, brand strategy, event production, and marketing and public relations.


We also know that two of the biggest hurdles are at the very beginning and very end of your project –that’s why we also offer built-in financing options that enable designers to produce and sell their products without a large up-front investment and direct-to-consumer fulfillment offerings that include warehousing, packing, shipping, and returns.


Ready to give CALA a try? Sign up here.


In 2018, CALA partnered with German Design Collective, SUCUKUNDBRATWURST, to create a visual representation of CALA’s website launch. In addition to the visuals, CALA brought on New York based band, Gatekeeper, to produce the audio. The use of both a Greek statue and a mechanical machine is a direct correlation to CALA’s vision on fashion as art and its base in technology.